A Guide to the Undulating Mass Performance Program

January 30, 2022

Mass Performance Program


This might sound odd, but confused muscles actually tend to grow faster, with the right supplementation and proper nutrition, of course. This is where my new fitness mass performance program is built on: the concept that by causing constant muscle confusion and undulating periodization, you’ll be able to build muscle mass big-time.

The undulating mass performance program lasts 30 days and done 4 days a week to really get that muscle mass going. Within those four weeks, you’ll be able to cause muscle confusion so that they have no choice but to adapt swiftly and allow you to grow your muscles faster than with a normal workout routine.

Undulating periodization: What does it mean?

Undulating periodization: What does it mean?

You’ve heard about linear and reverse linear periodization schemes where you start working out with the lightest weight and the highest reps. This eventually progresses into different phases where the heavier your weight goes, the lower your reps will be.

Reverse linear periodization does the exact opposite of the classic linear periodization, Here, you’ll start with heavy weights and go lighter with each phase during the cycle.

Now, what exactly is undulating periodization? It’s simply working out with your rep ranges not following any pattern. Unlike linear and reverse linear periodization, this is all about taking that “controlled chaos” approach where I designed a workout that goes from back to high to high to low and other combinations. This method has gained popularity over the last few years not only because it’s convenient but also because it’s very effective.

I also guarantee that you will never be bored with this type of program since you’re mixing up different techniques, volumes, and intensity throughout the duration of this month-long program.

For instance, you could do a strength or power workout on Monday, an endurance routine on Wednesday and a muscle-building workout on Friday. The next week, I could switch things up by changing the order of your routine and even the number of reps that you need to complete in every set.

What I personally love about undulating periodization is the fact that you don’t require a lot of planning and organization. This means that you can adjust your workouts depending on your mood, motivation and physical ability on a specific day. So, if you’re feeling sick on a Monday, then you can do a simple workout routine and just do the more demanding routines on days where you’re completely healthy and energetic.

Now if you think that this system wouldn’t be as effective, you’d be glad to know that research actually proves that undulating periodization is just as efficient as linear periodization when it comes to building power, muscle mass and strength.

The sporadic nature of this fitness mass performance program goes back to the concept that if you let the muscles get used to the same stress, the results could plateau and even reverse at some point.

This is why undulating periodization is all about using different types of strength training that’s repeated daily, so your muscles don’t get used to the same stimulus but still exposing them frequently enough, so they start with progressive adaptation. This process is called muscle confusion.

The undulating mass performance program

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In this program, I’ve designed your workouts to follow a 2-day split, which means that your entire body will be trained using two workouts done twice every week. This frequency is efficient at promoting muscle growth. Your workout under this program will typically look like this:

  • Workouts 1 and 3 each week will focus on training the chest, back, shoulders, traps and abs
  • Workouts 2 and 4 each week will focus on training the legs, triceps, biceps, forearms and calves

But you need to remember that while I will provide you with a routine throughout the entire 4-week program, you can still choose to adjust it according to your lifestyle, needs and preferences. These schedules are just there to serve as your guide in following this program.

You even have the freedom to choose any comparable exercises that would best fit your capabilities. For instance, if I suggested doing a reverse-grip dumbbell press as your chest exercise, but you don’t want to do that particular routine, you can always replace that with any similar multi-joint chest exercise that you prefer.

Let’s say doing a machine press or dumbbell bench press instead. You can also do the same for when you have injuries that prevent you from performing a particular exercise routine.

But what I want you to do is to always switch up your workout routine from week to week. The goal here is to spice things up by doing different exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goal of building muscle mass and allow you to enjoy your workouts better than following a repeated routine.

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